Should You Mount A TV Over A Fireplace?

In the past few years, because of the pandemic, there has been a tremendous paradigm shift. Rather than buying a new home, most homeowners in Chevy Chase, MD, Arlington, VA, Washington DC, and elsewhere are making home improvements emphasizing energy efficiency. As a result, many homeowners are converting an inefficient masonry wood-burning fireplace to a modern gas fireplace. Even electric fireplaces are now trendy.

With so many trendy styles and designs, upgrading a living room or an outdoor living space into a warm and cozy retreat with a rustic or modern fireplace as the centerpiece is increasingly common. Since the living space is often the family gathering place, mounting a TV over a fireplace is another popular trend. But should you mount a TV over a fireplace? Well, it depends. So, let's determine when it's safe to do so.


TV Mounted over gas fireplace in Kensington MD

Heat Transfer

The heat from your fireplace warms the cooler, denser air in your living space. Since hot air is lighter than cold air, it rises, increasing the temperature and making your room more comfortable. In addition, the energy from the heat transfers to cool objects, like that 50" widescreen mounted above the fireplace. As the digital tv absorbs the heat, it could overheat and damage the internal circuitry. If the temperature is hot enough, it could cause a short circuit or electrical fire.

Check the Wall Temperature

Before mounting it on the wall, attach a thermometer to the area over the fireplace where you plan to mount the tv.

If you don't have a thermometer and heat-resistant tape handy, you can pick it up in the hardware section at many Washington, DC retailers. After taping the thermometer to the wall, fire up the fireplace for four to five hours.

What To Know About BTU's

Wood Burning Fireplace with Tv mounted over it in Gaithersburg MD

Every heating appliance produces a certain level of heat output, measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). For example, an electric fireplace may generate 5,000 BTUs of heat, while a gas masonry fireplace can produce 30,000 BTUs or more. Check with your manufacturer's owner's manual to determine your fireplace or insert's maximum heat output rating.

Then read the temperature on the thermometer. Temperatures under 100°F are typically considered in the safe zone. However, you must consult the owner's manual for your TV make and model to determine its safe operating temperature range. In addition, many TV manufacturers will advise keeping the unit away from a heat source.

Other Options

Many fireplaces and inserts enable you to control the heat it produces. So, you can reduce the heat output of your wood, gas, or pellet fireplace simply by adjusting the thermostat, lowering the gas intake, or using less wood to maintain a safe operating temperature for your wall-mounted TV. Also, most electric fireplace models enable you to enjoy a realistic flame-burning experience without heat.

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