What Is the Best Cap for Your Chimney?

It may be surprising to learn that wildlife is abundant even in a densely populated urban area like the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metropolitan area with more than six million people. There are bats, beavers, hawks, snakes, and hundreds of other small animal species running around our neighborhoods, mostly at night.

Full Width Custom Chimney Caps in McLean, VA

One of their favorite hangouts happens to be chimneys. It’s the perfect hideout when you're trying to escape a predator. So, how do you keep these curious critters out of your chimney and home? A chimney cap, of course. They are a simple, yet very effective accessory that will protect your chimney from unwanted invaders. A chimney cap will also reduce downdrafts on windy days, prevent rainwater from dripping into the fireplace, and stop leaves, twigs, and debris from clogging the flue vent. Now you're probably wondering which cap is best for your chimney.

Why A Full-Width Chimney Cap is Best

Whether you reside in Bethesda, MD, Georgetown, DC, or northeast Virginia, there is no standard-size chimney and flue. Depending on when your home was built, it may have a chimney with a larger or smaller flue opening than other homes in the neighborhood.

A standard chimney cap that is too big or too small for the flue is like wearing clothes that don't fit. It just doesn't work well and will lead to more frequent repairs and early replacement.

Custom Fill Width Chimney Caps

Custom Full Width Chimney Caps in Springfield VA

A custom full-width cap is best for your chimney for many reasons. For starters, it is measured to fit so that it covers the entire width of your chimney crown’s surface.

This helps to prevent cracking that is common in climates with freezing winters and humid summers like we have in the DC Capital Region.

When the chimney crown develops tiny surface cracks, water seeps through and damages the interior masonry walls, flue liner, and other areas. We fabricate custom chimney caps with an 8” to 9” drip edge that is about 2.5 times larger or more than a standard chimney cap for superior weather protection.

  • Protects Chimney Crown and Flue from Water Damage
  • It helps Minimize Masonry Damage
  • Keeps Wildlife Out of the Flue
  • Prevents Flue Obstructions
  • Protects Your Roof from Sparks
  • Minimizes Downdrafts

New Custom Chimney Caps in Glover Park, Washington DC

When Your Chimney Needs a New Cap

  • Water is leaking into the firebox.
  • You hear animals making noises in the chimney.
  • Your fires are smokier or difficult to light and maintain.
  • There is a draft around your fireplace.
  • You notice pests or rodents in the house.
  • Your fireplace has a pungent or foul smell.

The Best Cap for Your Chimney in Washington, DC

Give your chimney, fireplace, and home the best protection with a custom full-width chimney cap from Bethesda Chimney. We also offer Chimney Inspection and Cleaning Services. We serve Montgomery County, MD, Washington, DC, and Northeast Virginia communities.

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