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Chimney Tops

Should you cover your chimney? This is one of our customers' most frequently asked questions, and the answer is a definite YES.

Olney MD chimney repairWithout a chimney cap or chase cover, rain and snow will damage your chimney crown or even leak into the fireplace, causing internal water damage.

In addition, animal nests, leaves, twigs, and debris can clog the flue opening, preventing the escape of toxic gases and harmful contaminants. This increases the risk of a chimney and house fire and exposure to poisonous carbon monoxide fumes.

The following is an overview of the high-quality chimney tops that Bethesda Chimney repairs and installs for residential, commercial, and government customers throughout the Greater Washington DC area:

  • Custom Chimney Caps
  • Chimney Flue Cover
  • Chase Top Covers
  • Top Mount Damper
  • Chimney Fan

new stainless steel chimney chase cover in Silver Spring, MD

Chase Top Covers

Many new homes in the Washington DC Metro Area are built with a builder's grade manufactured fireplace that includes a metal chase top. However, most of these metal chase tops are manufactured using a lesser-grade galvanized steel that begins to fail within 15 to 20 years. Bethesda Chimney recommends installing a higher-grade stainless-steel chase top when your chase top cover needs replacement. In addition, our stainless-steel top covers feature a lifetime warranty for optimum moisture protection.

chimney cap install in D.C

Custom Chimney Caps

More and more chimney professionals are choosing to offer full-coverage chimney caps for ultimate protection and curb appeal. Homes in Arlington, VA, Chevy Chase, MD, and even downtown DC have younger and older chimneys that vary in size and dimension. A standard chimney cap doesn't provide sufficient masonry protection from rain, wind, and other envcast ironmental conditions. A custom chimney cap tailored for your chimney's precise dimensions is a better fit. It provides the maximum protection your chimney needs, reducing repairs and prolonging the lifespan of your masonry, damper, flue liner, and other vital components.

stainless steel flue cap install in Bethesda MD

Chimney Flue Cover

When you leave your home while it's raining or snowing, chances are you carry an umbrella or wear a hat, so your clothes don't get wet, and you don't catch a cold. Since your chimney is a breathing apparatus, it, too, needs protection. A chimney flue cover does just that. It is a simple, affordable, necessary accessory. It's like having an umbrella for the chimney, and it keeps the flue and firebox dry to protect them from the damaging effects of rain, snow, and ice.

Top Sealing Fireplace Damper in DC, Virginia and Maryland

Premium Deluxe Chim-A-Lator Top Sealing Damper

Unlike a conventional throat damper that only seals the bottom of the flue, a top-mount damper closes the entire flue system when you're not using the fireplace. Since it keeps the cold outside air out of the chimney, your home will stay warmer much longer after the fire burns out, increasing energy efficiency.

We only use the Premium Deluxe Chim-A-Lator Top Sealing Damper because they have numerous advantages over other cheaper options. They are also easier to operate inside with an easy to use handle (not a pull chain) and come with a durable chimney cap that will keep out moisture, small animals, and debris.

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Chimney Fans

Do you have a smoky fireplace? Many homeowners in the Washington, DC area experience smoke when lighting the fireplace because there isn’t sufficient draft in the chimney. A chimney fan adjusts the air pressure in the fireplace, instantly solving chimney draft problems so your fireplace will operate safely and efficiently.

full-width chimney cap installation, silver springs mdBest Chimney Tops Near Me

Bethesda Chimney provides the best selection of chimney tops for masonry and manufactured fireplaces for residential, commercial, and government customers in Alexandria, VA, Columbia Heights, DC, Silver Spring, MD, and throughout Montgomery County, MD, Washington DC, and Northern VA. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule an appointment or estimate today!

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