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Individual Brick Repair

The changing seasons throughout the year are one of the joys of living and working in the Washington D.C area. However, the cold air, heating, and cooling cycles take a toll on chimneys, not to mention that water is its biggest enemy. That's because masonry chimneys are porous materials, and the constant freezing and thawing during the winter months can cause individual bricks to crack, chip, crumble, or spall. Spalling brick is a serious issue because it can destabilize the chimney resulting in its eventual collapse. So, when you see chipping (spalling) on the outside of the chimney or small pieces of brick or terra cotta liner in your fireplace, you know there is a problem that needs immediate attention.

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Bethesda Chimney’s certified chimney professionals and talented masons offer tuckpointing, individual brick repair and replacement, rebuilds, and other chimney services for homes, businesses, and government offices in Montgomery County, MD, Northern Virginia, and the Greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

What is Spalling Brick?

Although brick chimneys naturally deteriorate due to age, the damaging effects of moisture that seeps inside the brickwork can accelerate its deterioration. It can eventually cause the brick and mortar to flake, chip, and crumble. The crumbling or spalling brick can loosen and even fall off the chimney. Therefore, when you see pieces of brick on the ground, it is a sign your chimney has spalling brick.

Spalling brick is a severe structure issue that can ultimately result in a partial or complete chimney collapse. Since most chimneys in the Washington DC area are attached to the roofline, a chimney collapse can also cause extensive damage to your house.

Chimney Brick Repair

Our experienced and talented masons are experts in chimney brick repairs. They will repair or replace the damaged brick and mortar that will breathe new life into your chimney.

White Stains On Chimney

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White stains aka efflorescence can be seen across the brick surface. This is often the first sign that the masonry is absorbing moisture. Although cleaning the bricks will remove the efflorescence, it will return the next time it rains. So, call and schedule an inspection anytime you notice white stains on the chimney. It can help prevent more extensive masonry repairs.


When the chimney has areas where there is cracking, decaying, or missing mortar, but the bricks are undamaged, we use a restorative process known as tuckpointing to bring your chimney back to life. Our masonry professional carefully removes the decayed mortar and replaces it with a new, durable mortar compound to restore your chimney's structural integrity.

Water Repellant Sealant

After repairing damaged bricks and mortar, applying a sealant will protect the chimney from future water damage. We use a water-based sealant with a vapor-permeable membrane formulated explicitly for masonry chimneys. The water-repellant will allow the masonry to “breathe” and prevent future water damage.

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Spot Cuts from Spalling Brick

Due to moisture inside your chimney and constant temperature changes, some bricks in your chimney may begin to crack or spall, often causing entire bricks to pop off the stack. With Spot Cuts, we individually cut out the damaged bricks and mortar, replacing them with new bricks and mortar.

Chimney Brick Repair in Bethesda MD

Does your masonry chimney have damaged or missing bricks? Bethesda Chimney provides expert chimney repair services that will restore your chimney so that you can use your fireplace or heating stove efficiently and safely again. Our expert masons serve residential, commercial, and government customers in Centreville, VA, District of Columbia, Silver Spring, MD, Chevy Chase, MD, Washington DC, and Northern VA. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule your chimney inspection today!

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