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Furnace Flue Venting

Most homes in the Washington DC area with furnaces are often venting dangerous gases through a chimney flue with a terra-cotta clay tile liner. Many furnace installers in the Washington DC Metro Area are not certified professionals and may vent into the chimney without inspecting the flue lining or checking local codes.

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A furnace flue can be especially problematic in older homes over 30 years old. As clay tiles deteriorate over time, they lose their effectiveness which can cause many problems, including exposure to toxic carbon monoxide fumes. Also, building codes have changed. So, installing a new furnace venting into an older terra cotta flue may not meet your local building code requirement. For example, Montgomery County, MD, requires replacing a clay tile liner with stainless-steel flue liner when installing a new furnace in your home to pass inspection.

Is your furnace venting correctly?

There are often several signs that could indicate venting problems:

  • It is making an unusual or loud noise
  • Your home has cold spots
  • Your heating bill is increasing
  • The furnace is cycling on and off more frequently
  • It has difficulty reaching or maintaining the set temperature
  • You smell a foul odor

CAUTION: If you smell exhaust fumes in your home, your furnace may be leaking poisonous carbon monoxide gas into the house. Immediately, turn off the furnace, open the windows and doors, and call Bethesda Chimney to inspect your furnace venting. If you or a family member feel ill, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room for medical assistance immediately.

Hidden Danger of Carbon Monoxide

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Like a fireplace or heating stove, wood and gas furnaces produce carbon monoxide exhaust. The furnace will remove these harmful fumes from your home through the chimney flue or a direct exhaust vent when properly vented. However, when your flue pipe is obstructed or has cracks or gaps in the liner or masonry, it can allow carbon monoxide into your home.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can also lead to unconsciousness and death. That's why it is also known as the "silent killer." Unfortunately, it can also be deadly to your pets.

At Bethesda Chimney, we care about your health and safety. A Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector is the only way to know if there are dangerous levels of CO gas in your home. So, please ensure you have a functioning CO detector on every level of your home. Test them monthly. Replace the batteries every six months unless directed otherwise by the manufacturer.

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Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. Many individuals don’t realize they may be experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning because it is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Feeling unusually tired or lethargic
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness or confusion
  • Blurred Vision
  • Chest or stomach pain
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

Furnace Vent Inspections, Cleaning, and Repairs

Your furnace flue should be inspected annually by a Certified Chimney Sweep® to keep your family protected from possible safety hazards. After an inspection, the technician will advise if flue cleaning is necessary. We provide furnace vent inspection and cleaning during the same appointment visit for your convenience. In addition, our service vehicles are fully stocked, so your technician can accomplish the most common repairs on the spot. Keeping your furnace vent clean will ensure harmful gases and contaminants are properly venting through the flue to exit your home safely and efficiently.

Certified Furnace Flue Service Technicians

Bethesda Chimney is a locally owned and operated Certified Chimney Sweep® company providing furnace flue inspections, cleaning, and repairs for homes, businesses, and government buildings in the Centreville, VA, Chevy Chase, MD, District of Columbia, Gaithersburg, MD, Sterling, VA, Garrett Park MD, and nearby towns in Montgomery County, MD, Washington DC, and Northern VA. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule an appointment today!

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