Chimney Crown Repair & Rebuilding | Fix Your Leaking Chimney With A New Chimney Crown

Chimney Crown Repair


The crown is the concrete or cement surface covering the top of masonry chimneys. It is typically built with a slope and drip edge that helps deflect rain and snow, protecting the flue and masonry from water damage. However, house settling, age, and weather can cause the chimney crown to crack or fracture, allowing moisture to seep between the interior walls and flue pipe. Any damage to the crown requires immediate chimney repair by a Certified Chimney Professional®.

chimney crown repair experts, potomac mdBethesda Chimney’s certified chimney professionals and skilled masons provide expert crown repairs and rebuilding, individual brick replacement, tuckpointing, and other quality masonry services for residences, businesses, and government buildings in Montgomery County, MD, and surrounding communities in the Washington DC Metro Area.

Cement And Mortar Crown

It is common here in the Washington DC area for the cement mortar and crown to crack or crumble, letting water leak inside the chimney. For example, a damaged or missing chimney cap that is not immediately repaired or replaced makes the crown more vulnerable to moisture during the constant freeze-thaw cycles we experience during the winter months. When damage is minor, we can typically reseal it. More severe damage requires rebuilding. Our experienced masons completely remove old, damaged mortar crowns (the right way) and lay high-strength Portland Cement-based mortar crowns, which aid in protecting your chimney for years and years.

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Flex Crown Repair

When cracks in the existing mortar crown aren't too deep, we can perform a "Flex Crown" repair. It is a flexible crown sealant that we apply onto your existing mortar crown, which will extend its life for years to come.

Crown Rebuilding

A masonry crown with severe cracking, gaps, and deterioration should be replaced and rebuilt by an experienced chimney mason. Otherwise, moisture intrusion will cause extensive damage to the interior brick and masonry walls, flue liner, and even the fireplace.


Signs Your Chimney Crown Needs Repair

With its location at the top of the chimney, it is often difficult for homeowners to know if they have a cracked or severely compromised crown. That's why annual chimney inspections are so necessary. An inspection allows us to spot cracks when they are minor and easily fixed before they manifest into more extensive chimney repairs or even rebuilds. So, here are some of the common signs that indicate your masonry crown may need repair or rebuilding:

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  • Visible cracks on the surface or edges
  • Flue tiles are falling into the fireplace
  • The damper or firebox is rusting
  • Spalling bricks
  • Small pieces of masonry on the roof around the chimney
  • Cracks or gaps in the mortar joints
  • Interior masonry damage
  • Water stains around the fireplace or stove

Chimney Crown Repair & Rebuilding in Chantilly VA – Cabin John MD – Columbia Heights DC

Bethesda Chimney provides expert chimney crown repair & rebuilding that will breathe new life into a damaged chimney for many years to come. Our certified chimney professionals serve residential, commercial, and government customers in Garrett Park, MD, Rockville, MD, Tysons, VA, North Bethesda, MD, Montgomery Village, MD, Washington DC, and Northern VA. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule a chimney inspection today!

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