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Gas Log Sets

Although your Rockville, MD, townhome may still seem new to you, the appliances like your gas fireplace are approaching their end of life. So, if your home still has its original "builders' grade" gas log set in the fireplace, it may be time for a replacement. Fortunately, replacing gas logs is affordable and will give your older fireplace a modern, upgraded appearance. It will also improve your fireplace's heating efficiency, use less fuel, and reduce energy costs.

real fyre gas log set installation in Olney MDSo, whether you're installing a brand-new indoor or outdoor gas fireplace or upgrading an existing heating appliance, Bethesda Chimney has a large selection of quality vented and ventless log sets from RH Peterson and Eiklor Flames.

Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule an appointment with an NFI Gas certified technician. We serve the entire Washington DC Metro Area (NCR), including the District of Columbia, Montgomery County, MD, and Northern VA.

Vented Gas Logs are a Great Choice

Newer ceramic logs have considerably improved in quality, aesthetics, and performance. They look so realistic they have a look and feel of natural wood logs, including branches. We also carry premium logs that are hand painted with stunning detail that will match your choice of various wood types. You can easily change the style of your fireplace at any time just by installing a new log set.

Annual Gas Log Safety Inspection

gas log service in Washington D.C

While gas fireplaces don't create the same type of creosote that wood fireplaces do, they still require an annual fireplace inspection and recurring service of the appliance over time. Having a Bethesda Chimney service technician periodically maintain and service the appliance will prolong the lifespan of the gas logs and reduce malfunction of the fireplace.

vented gas log for sale in Rockville, MDVented Gas Log Sets

Vented gas log sets are perfect for homeowners that want an authentic wood-burning fire experience. Vented fireplaces typically feature a blower motor that radiates heat throughout the living space, making it ideal for zone heating. Although gas is a clean-burning fuel, it still produces carbon monoxide. As a result, your home will need a chimney or flue pipe to vent the exhaust.

Bethesda Chimney doesn't install vent-free or unvented fireplaces.

The Best Gas Logs in Washington, DC

Bethesda Chimney is Washington DC’s best source for gas fireplace logs, gas burning fireplaces, and much more for residential, commercial, and government customers in Alexandria, VA, Chantilly, VA, College Park, MD, Kensington, MD, Palisades, DC, Montgomery County, MD, Northern VA, and the District of Columbia. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule an appointment with an NFI Gas Certified technician today!

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