Top Mount Chimney Damper | Easier Than A Throat Fireplace Damper

Top Mount Damper

Most masonry chimneys in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan area were constructed with a traditional throat damper. It's that cast-cast iron or metal device installed at the bottom of the flue, right above the firebox. Opening the damper in the fireplace is like opening a window in your house. It brings outside air into the firebox so you can light the fireplace while the smoke and exhaust vent out the chimney.

Top Sealing Fireplace Damper Washington DC

Since throat dampers are located directly above the fireplace, the intense heat and combustion gases can cause it to warp, rust, and corrode, impeding its operation and making it unsafe to use your fireplace. In addition, a damaged damper or cracked gasket can allow water to leak inside the fireplace and weaken the firebricks. It can also increase energy costs. Instead of spending money on repairing an old damper, installing an energy-efficient top mount damper is a better solution and will save you money too.

Bethesda Chimney’s CSIA/NFI certified chimney sweep and masonry professionals install energy-efficient top mount dampers for homes, businesses, and government offices in the Washington DC Metro Area, including Montgomery County, MD, Northern VA, and Washington DC.

Top Closing Damper Systems

Top Closing Damper systems were invented to replace the old traditional bulky and ineffective cast iron cast throat dampers that you find in many masonry chimneys (just above the firebox). These newer systems are more energy-efficient, keep out animals, rain, bugs, and cold air, they are much easier to operate, and will also help improve your chimney's draft.

Benefits of a Top-Mount Damper

Top-mount dampers are installed on top of the chimney and function as a chimney cap. It’s like getting two brand-new energy-efficient components for the price of one!

Easier to Operate

Throat dampers are operated by pulling a handle or turning a knob and are notorious for being difficult to use or getting stuck when they begin to rust. A top mount damper is much simpler to operate. Simply pull on the easy to use handle to open or close the spring-assisted damper anytime you're ready to use your fireplace. With a Chim-A-Lator® Top Sealing Damper there is no hooking a small chain in a particular fashion, just adjust the handle and you're ready.

Prevents Moisture Intrusion

Unlike a traditional throat damper that just seals the firebox, a top-mount damper seals off the entire flue, protecting the chimney’s interior from the damaging effects of moisture.

Keeps Out Neighborhood Critters

A top-mounted damper has a strong wire mesh screen just like a chimney cap that helps prevent birds, squirrels, mice, and other critters in the neighborhood from entering your chimney system through an open flue.

Helps Prevent Flue Obstructions

Since top mount dampers also function as the chimney cap, they will help prevent leaves, twigs, and debris from clogging the flue and causing a dangerous obstruction.

Increases Energy Efficiency

A top mount damper seals the entire flue from the top of the chimney, increasing energy efficiency. During the winter, the flue and indoor air will stay warm long after the fire is out and you shut the damper. In the summer, it will prevent the cool conditioned indoor air from escaping into the flue, resulting in lower cooling costs.

Signs Your Fireplace Damper Needs Repair or Replacement

  • The damper is challenging to operate or is stuck.
  • You see rust, warping, or corrosion on the damper.
  • You feel a draft when the damper is closed.
  • Rainwater is leaking into the fireplace.

Top Mount Damper Installation

Bethesda Chimney provides top-mount dampers, custom chimney caps, flue covers, and unmatched masonry repair services that protect your chimney, flue, and attached heating appliances. We serve residential, commercial, and government customers in Reston, VA, District of Columbia, Montgomery Village, MD, Centreville, VA, Garrett Park, MD, Montgomery County, MD, Northern VA, and Washington DC. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule a chimney inspection and estimate today!


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