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Level 2 Chimney Camera Inspection

Bethesda Chimney has a complete team of CSIA Certified chimney professionals with extensive experience in performing all three levels of fireplace and chimney inspections per NFPA 211 standards, including a level two inspection that may require the use of a special chimney camera. Our crews serve customers in Kensington, MD, Washington DC, and surrounding communities in the Washington DC Metro Area.

level 1 chimney inspection, kensington mdYour Chimney May Need a Camera Inspection

There are several reasons why your chimney may need a level 2 chimney inspection and camera inspection:

  1. You’re buying a house and want to make sure the chimney, fireplace, or wood stove, is safe and not a fire hazard before you use it.
  2. You're selling your house and want to take care of any potential issues before listing it for sale.
  3. You had a standard level 1 inspection, and your Certified Chimney Sweep® has determined the chimney needs a more thorough examination.
  4. You recently installed a new heating appliance, converted it to a different fuel source, or modified the flue or heating appliance.
  5. A chimney fire or severe weather event may have damaged the chimney.

Level II – Real Estate Chimney Inspections

A home inspection is not a chimney inspection. When buying a home, especially an older or historic residence in the Washington DC area, have a Certified Chimney Sweep® perform a level 2 real estate chimney inspection.

This should be done before you close the deal because it can help you avoid surprise repairs or a devastating chimney fire! Even though the chimney may appear structurally sound on the outside, there are plenty of areas on the inside, like cracks, gaps, or chipping, that can make your fireplace and chimney a fire or safety hazard.

Detect Chimney Damage

level 2 chimney inspection in Arlington VA

For example, minor cracks in the masonry or flue liner that can cause toxic carbon monoxide gas to leak into your home can be missed during a standard level 1 visual inspection. Our chimney camera is very sophisticated and can detect imperfections like these, so the proper repairs can be made, eliminating health and safety hazards.

Buyer Beware: Most home inspection reports include a disclaimer advising the buyer to consult with a chimney professional to clean and inspect the chimney.

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Certified Level 2 Chimney Camera Inspection

Camera inspections allow both the technician and the homeowner to precisely see what is going on inside their chimney. Common in a level 2 inspection, the chimney camera inspection is an exceptional resource to be absolutely sure there are no hidden chimney problems such as a leaky chimney or fire hazard.

A CSIA Certified level 2 chimney inspection includes everything in a level 1 visual inspection, plus:

  • A chimney video camera scan of the interior surfaces, joints, and liner.
  • Checks that the fireplace or other attached heating appliances have the required clearance to any combustible object or building material.
  • A thorough visual inspection of the entire chimney system (interior/exterior), attics, basements, and crawl spaces.
  • If a level 2 inspection reveals the possibility of damage in a non-accessible portion of the chimney, the technician will recommend a comprehensive level 3 review to examine these areas.
  • Checking for wood touching or too close under the hearth or on the left or right of the firebox or even in the attic.

Certified Chimney Camera Inspections

Homeowners, businesses, and government facilities trust Bethesda Chimney for state-of-the-art fireplace and chimney camera inspections by certified technicians in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Our service area includes Reston VA, Rockville MD, North Bethesda MD, Sterling VA, Olney MD, Potomac MD, and surrounding communities in Montgomery County MD, Washington DC, and Northern VA. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule a camera inspection today for your fireplace and chimney!

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