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Gas Fireplace Inserts

A gas fireplace insert provides the ambiance of a traditional masonry fireplace without pollution, creosote, and frequent cleaning. Since installing an insert usually will not require masonry construction or chimney modifications, it’s a quick and affordable way to upgrade your older or outdated masonry fireplace into an attractive, energy-efficient home heating solution. It will also keep your home warmer and cozier while reducing winter heating costs.

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What is a Gas Fireplace Insert?

A gas fireplace insert is a factory-built gas heating appliance enclosed in a steel or cast cast iron fire-resistant metal frame that fits snugly inside your firebox’s opening. However, installing the correct size insert is essential. So, fireplace installation requires a trained CSIA certified professional with an NFI Gas certification. Our certified technicians will measure your existing fireplace opening to help you select the insert that will fit your current gas or wood-burning masonry fireplace, lifestyle, and budget.

We will also check that your mantel and surround is constructed in a way that will allow the installation of a new gas burning appliance.

Cleaner Burning

A gas insert is a cleaner, more envcast ironmentally friendly fuel than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. So, you will spend more time enjoying the spectacular flames without having to frequently clean ash, soot, creosote, and debris.

Higher Heating Efficiency

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A traditional fireplace loses over 85% of the heat through the chimney. An insert is a closed-combustion system. That means around 75% of the fuel it uses to generate heat radiates around your living space. Plus, it consumes less fuel too. It’s the best of both worlds – a beautiful fireplace that keeps your living space warmer and reduces energy costs.

Wood to Gas Fireplace Conversion

A gas fireplace insert is more cost-effective for converting an inefficient wood-burning fireplace into an energy-efficient powerhouse. Our NFI Gas certified technicians will take care of running the line from the access point to your appliance. In addition, our propane gas inserts are an excellent choice for living spaces without natural gas line access.

gas fireplace insert installation, arlington vaEasier to Operate and Maintain

One of the most desirable features of our line of gas inserts is the convenience of instant heat at the touch of a button or a flip of a switch. With its advanced technology, you can remotely control the flame intensity, temperature, and other settings. Maintenance is easy too. All you need is an annual safety inspection and occasional cleaning to remove any dust particles that may get inside the fireplace insert.

Where to Buy Gas Fireplace Inserts in Washington, DC

Bethesda Chimney is your top local source for gas fireplace service and installation in Greater Washington DC. Our NFI Gas certified technicians serve residential, commercial, and government customers in Alexandria, VA, Capitol Hill D.C., Fairfax, VA, H Street Corridor, Silver Spring, MD, Montgomery Village, MD, Montgomery County, MD, Northern VA, & the District of Columbia.


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