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New Chimney Construction

So, you want to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace, but you bought a house without a chimney? No problem! Bethesda Chimney has highly skilled brick and stone masonry construction experts who can match the blueprints for creating the beautiful masonry fireplace your heart desires.

new construction chimney building, washington d.c.

Our licensed and experienced construction crews pour footers, lay fireboxes, and build beautiful chimneys for indoor and outdoor fireplaces in Bethesda, Kensington, MD; Arlington, Falls Church, VA; and throughout the Greater District of Columbia area.

The Purpose of a Chimney

The chimney provides a safe passageway for expelling the smoke and exhaust from your home. The chimney also contains the heat and flames, so it doesn't spread to nearby combustible materials and start a house fire. That's why wood or gas-burning heating appliances, including fireplaces, heating stoves, and inserts, need a well-built chimney. Also, the chimney and flue must meet the height and other specifications required by the heating appliance manufacturer to function safely and efficiently.

When constructing a new chimney, it must be the correct height for your indoor or outdoor fireplace or heating appliance. A well-constructed chimney will create sufficient draft to pull the smoke and hot gases out of the flue while allowing enough oxygen to accommodate a fire in the fireplace.


Do Chimneys Add Value to Your Home?

new fireplace and chimney construction, montgomery county md

Experts say adding a fireplace and chimney to your home can add between 20k and 100k to the resale value.

Why not add a lovely fireplace to your home, and enjoy it while adding to the value at the same time.

Homebuyers often look for homes with fireplaces and alternative heat sources.

Since indoor and outdoor fireplaces are one of the most desirable home features, adding a beautiful, well-constructed safe, and efficient chimney and fireplace will more than pay for itself by adding value to your home and a great reduction in heating costs.

new construction of chimney in Chevy Chase MDThe Different Types of Chimneys

Traditional Masonry Chimney:

The traditional masonry chimney is the standard brick or stone chimney found in most homes with masonry fireplaces in Foxhall Village and throughout the Washington, DC, area.

Contemporary Metal Chimney:

Metal chimneys are increasingly popular in chimney construction, especially for homeowners in trendy neighborhoods like Foggy Bottom and Georgetown that want a modern or industrial look.

Prefabricated Chimney:

Many homeowners in the Washington DC Metro Area are choosing prefabricated chimneys. They have a lower cost than a traditional masonry chimney, and homeowners can choose from a wide selection of energy-efficient factory-built gas and wood-burning fireplaces that match their style and budget.

New Chimney Construction Services – Bethesda – Silver Spring – Washington DC

Yes, we build outdoor fireplaces and chimneys– even if your home never had a chimney! Bethesda Chimney provides new chimney construction services so you can enjoy the warmth and beauty of a custom masonry fireplace, freestanding stove, and other heating appliances. We serve customers in Montgomery Village MD, Garrett Park MD, District of Columbia, Reston VA, McLean VA, and Arlington VA. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule an appointment with our exceptional team for a estimate today!

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