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We offer more than just exceptional chimney cleaning and repair services. See the full list of services we provide below.

Level 1, 2, & 3 Fireplace and Chimney Inspections

Level 1 - Bethesda Chimney uses a high powered spot light to visually examine all readily accessible portions of your chimney (inside and out) by one of our experienced chimney technician. A level 1 chimney inspection should be performed to determine if the basic structure is satisfactory and that there are no visible signs of damage or danger.

Level 2 - A level 2 inspection with Bethesda Chimney includes examining all portions of a chimney including parts that can't always be seen in a regular level 1 inspection (may require a chimney camera). To include but not limited to the ash pit, the clean out, the entire smoke chamber, and all parts of the chimney flue.

Level 3 - The most comprehensive of chimney inspections and also the least common due to lack of necessity, a level 3 inspection by Bethesda Chimney will examine concealed areas of the chimney such as underneath the mortar crown, behind the interior wall to examine the original structure, and may include deconstructing entire sections of the chimney as well.

Fireplace and Chimney Camera Inspections

Camera inspections allow both the technician as well as the home owner to see up close, exactly what is going on inside their chimney. Common in a level 2 inspection, the chimney camera inspection is an exceptional resource to be absolutely sure that the otherwise hard to see areas are in good working condition.

Regular Chimney Cleaning

All chimney flues should be swept clean and inspected regularly. Bethesda Chimney performs regular chimney cleaning with standard chimney brushes to remove hazardous level (1) creosote from your fireplace which prevents stage (2) or stage (3) build up as well as keeping the air you breath cleaner. It also prevents chimney fires.

Power Sweep Chimney Cleaning

Our certified chimney technicians come equipped with the most advanced Power Sweeping chimney tools allowing us to perform the most thorough cleanings in the industry. Upgrade to a power sweeping today and see for yourself!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Make sure your dryer is performing at its best and prevent dryer vent fires by having Bethesda Chimney clean your dryer vents too. We have the proper tools to unclog and clean out your dryer vents without the mess! Also, ask us about our new dryer vent monitoring system that notifies you when it's due for a cleaning.

Regular Woodstove Cleaning

When your woodstove is due for its annual cleaning and the build up inside is only level (1) creosote, we will take the unit apart as needed and clean out the woodstove pipes (usually from the top-down). We will also thoroughly clean out the inside of the woodstove itself.

Power Sweep Woodstove Cleaning

Usually required when level (2) creosote is present, a more thorough cleaning using high-powered power sweeping rotary brushes and chimney rods will be performed (usually from the top-down). We will also thoroughly clean out the inside of the woodstove itself.

3rd Degree Creosote Removal

Bethesda Chimney is one of the only chimney companies in the area to offer this latest and greatest technology. Using the newly invented Poultice Creosote Remover also known as PCR, we are able to safely coat the entire flue lining of your chimney flue with a chemical that chemically bonds and completely removes 3rd degree glazed creosote from your chimney. It's like putting your chimney flue in a time machine and taking it back before its very first fire!

Chimney Cap Installation

Our Lifetime Warranty chimney Caps keep out animals and prevent water intrusion or debris from getting into your chimney which can help maintain the lifespan of your chimney.

Cement and Mortar Crown

Our experienced masons completely remove old damaged mortar crowns (the right way) and lay high strength Portland Cement based mortar crowns which aid in protecting your chimney for years and years.

Flex Crown

If the cracks in your existing mortar crown aren't too deep, we can perform a "Flex Crown" repair where we apply a flexible crown sealant onto of your existing mortar crown which will extend the life of your existing mortar crown for at least another 10 years.

Chimney Vent Tube Installation

Especially on a sealed chimney, when there's no where for the moisture to escape, your chimney is prone to tons of damage from the inside out. Prevent spalling bricks and allow your chimney's moisture to escape by installing chimney vent tubes.

Chimney Repointing

Deteriorating mortar joints and cracks in your chimneys exterior can lead to structural problems and water intrusion. Removing old compromised mortar joints and repointing your chimney can save you from having to do a partial or complete chimney rebuild depending on how soon the issues are addressed.

Chimney Rebuilds

Many chimneys (especially in older homes) which are past the point of repair must be torn down (sometimes only to a certain point) and then rebuilt with new brick and mortar.

New Construction of Chimneys

So you bought a house without a chimney? No problem! Bethesda Chimney has experts who can match the blueprints to your desire. Our crews pour footers, lay fireboxes, and build beautiful chimneys of all types.

Chimney Relining

Chimney flues are often compromised due to improper original construction, damage from repeated use, or damage from wear over time. When a chimney's flue lining is not gap or crack free, your home could be prone to hazardous gas leaks or chimney fires.

Chimney Flue Sealing

One way to seal cracks in some chimney flues rather than installing an entire new lining is to have a chimney flue sealing. Using new cerfractory flue sealant technology, Bethesda Chimney is able to seal gaps and cracks all the way up your chimney flue!

Spot Cuts

Due to moisture inside your chimney and constant temperature changes, some bricks in your chimney can begin to crack or become spalling, often causing entire faces to pop off. Spot Cuts are the process of individually cutting out those damaged bricks and surrounding mortar and then replacing them with new brick and mortar.

Smoke Chamber Parging

One of the most over looked and most critical areas of a chimney is its smoke chamber. Often neglected due to improper cleanings, poor construction, and regular use, there's a very high chance that your smoke chamber is in need of parging if it hasn't been already.

Top Closing Damper Systems

Top Closing Damper systems were invented to replace the old traditional bulky and ineffective iron cast throat dampers that you find many masonry chimneys (just above the firebox). These newer systems are more energy efficient, keep out animals, rain, bugs, cold air, are much easier to operate, and help improve your chimney's draft.

Stainless Steel Chase Tops

Most prefabricated chimneys are constructed with galvanized chase tops (the metal cover on top of the chimney) which end up rusting after fifteen or twenty years. When this happens, water will start to penetrate through into the chimney causing interior damage to the flue, the smoke chamber, the firebox, the damper, and maybe even walls inside your home. If significant rust is found on your galvanized chase top, the best option is to have a stainless steel custom fabricated chase top with lifetime warranty installed

Prefab Panels

In order to provide proper clearance to combustibles and have safe fires inside your prefabricated chimney, making sure that the fake brick panels inside your firebox are crack free is critical. New panels can last for years and years and they look better too.

Firebox Rebuilding

In many old homes, the fireplace has seen more than enough wear and tear. At Bethesda Chimney we have experts who remove old deteriorated fireboxes and rebuild new fireboxes making your living room beautiful and safe again!


Painting is not recommended on a chimney due to the moisture inside your chimney that can become trapped inside and later cause your bricks to crack. However, if it's already been done and you need a makeover, Bethesda Chimney provides beautiful painting on all parts of your home.


Bethesda Chimney builds some of the most beautiful stone, block, and brick patios in the area. Our crews of experienced masons have been building patios pretty much their entire lives.


Flagstone, Brick Pavers, Concrete, you name it! Bethesda Chimney builds new and repairs old walkways of all kinds.

Retaining Walls

Many retaining walls were built improperly without proper drainage. Others have received their fair share of the elements. Whatever the situation, Bethesda Chimney can fix it. We build new retaining walls and repair old ones too.

Fire Pits

Remember when you roasted marshmallows in the woods as a kid? Well why not share that same experience at home with your children and in the safety of your own home. Our Fire Pits complement the patio out back and provide a great past time to share with the family.

Power Washing

Bethesda Chimney also performs power washing of all types to include chimneys, roofs, siding, patios, walkways, decks, and more.

Waterproofing Basements

When water intrudes into your basement it can turn into tens of thousands of dollars in damages and repair. Our crews know exactly what your home needs in order to keep the water out. We work with elastomeric membrane, paint on waterproofing tar sealants, install french drains, sump pumps, proper grading, and more. Stop the water now and keep it out for good. Call us today.