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Your heating appliance flue should be inspected annually by a Certified Chimney Sweep® to keep your family protected from possible safety hazards. After an inspection, the technician will advise if flue cleaning is necessary. We provide inspection and cleaning during the same appointment visit for your convenience. In addition, our service vehicles are fully stocked, so your technician can accomplish the most common repairs on the spot. Keeping your vent clean will ensure harmful gases and contaminants are properly venting through the flue to exit your home safely and efficiently.

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Furnace Flue Venting

A furnace flue can be especially problematic in older homes over 30 years old. As clay tiles deteriorate over time, they lose their effectiveness which can cause many problems, including exposure to toxic carbon monoxide fumes. Also, building codes have changed. So, installing a new furnace venting into an older terra cotta flue may not meet your local building code requirement. For example, Montgomery County, MD, requires replacing a clay tile liner with stainless-steel flue liner when installing a new furnace in your home to pass inspection.

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Hot Water Heater Venting

It is common, especially here in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas, to vent a water heater in an existing chimney that is often shared with other heating appliances like a fireplace or heating stove. However, before venting a gas water heater into an existing chimney, it needs a thorough inspection. Any cracks or gaps in the masonry, a missing or damaged chimney cap, water leaks, or obstructions can cause drafting problems that restrict exhaust venting from the water heater.

Is Your Venting System Up to Code?

Venting a heating appliance into an existing chimney liner is another common issue our technicians often see when servicing flues. These clay liners prevalent in most homes built in the early 2000s and earlier are developing cracks, gaps, and corrosion due to age, improper flue cleaning, and moisture. For this reason, many counties in the region have updated their building and safety code to require installing a stainless-steel liner with any new gas water heater venting through an existing chimney.


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