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Electric Fireplace Inserts

Many folks in Kensington, MD, and the Greater Washington, DC area are upgrading their existing traditional or manufactured wood or gas-burning fireplace with an electric insert. An electric fireplace insert offers the beauty of a realistic fire-burning experience without the cleaning and maintenance that a masonry fireplace requires. They are also available in many popular styles, from traditional to sleek modern designs.

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Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to let us help you select the ideal electric fireplace insert for your home, townhome, or condo. We proudly serve the entire Washington DC Metro Area, including the District of Columbia, Montgomery County, MD, and Northern VA.

What is an Electric Fireplace Insert & How Does it Work?

An electric insert is like a traditional fireplace but uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) to simulate a natural fire-burning experience. As a result, there is no smoke and zero emissions. Since there is no combustion process, electric fireplaces are also a safer option. An electric fireplace produces heat like a space heater. It draws in the cool air into an electric or infrared heating coil. A fan inside the unit distributes warm air into your living space. Some electric fireplaces also have crackling sounds that give you the ambiance of a wood fire experience without the smoke, soot, creosote, or CO2 gas.

Do Electric Fireplaces Require a Vent?

Since an electric fireplace insert uses a heating coil or infrared technology instead of combustion to produce heat, it doesn't have real flames. Therefore, it doesn't need a chimney or vent to remove smoke and fumes like a gas or wood-burning fireplace.

Flame Viewing Without Heat

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One of the most significant advantages of an electric fireplace insert is that with its flame-only viewing feature, you can have an incredible flame viewing experience without the heat, so you can enjoy a warm and inviting fire-burning experience all year.

Simple to Install, Operate, and Maintain

Electric fireplace inserts install directly inside the opening of your existing masonry fireplace. Simply flipping a switch or pressing a button on a remote allows you to turn on the fireplace and control the flames and heat output. No maintenance is required except for occasionally wiping away any dust or dirt particles.

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Ideal for Smaller Living Spaces

Electric inserts are also excellent for homes without an existing fireplace and smaller spaces like a bedroom, townhome, or condo. We can even install an electric fireplace outside on the patio or deck of your home for a luxury outdoor living experience. Bethesda Chimney’s certified technicians can also build an electric fireplace into a common wall, for a stunning two-sided fireplace, allowing you to view the flames and heat two rooms at the same time.

Where to Buy Electric Fireplace Inserts

Bethesda Chimney is your best source for quality electric fireplace inserts, installations, service, and repair in Greater Washington DC. Our certified technicians serve residential, commercial, and government customers in Arlington, VA, Bethesda, MD, Hill East, DC, Kensington, MD, McLean, VA, Spring Valley, DC, Montgomery County, MD, Northern VA, and the District of Columbia. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule an appointment with a certified technician today!

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