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Chimney Tuckpointing

The continuous exposure to extreme seasonal weather changes can accelerate the natural deterioration of masonry chimneys throughout the Washington DC Metro Area. The deteriorating mortar joints and cracks in your chimney’s exterior can lead to structural problems and water intrusion.

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Removing old, compromised mortar joints and repointing your chimney can save you from a more costly partial or complete chimney rebuild when mortar decay is caught early. This type of damage may be found during an annual inspection or chimney cleaning by our Certified Chimney Sweep® experts.

The CSIA/NFI certified chimney sweep and masonry professionals at Bethesda Chimney provide exceptional tuckpointing & repointing services for homes, businesses, and government offices around the I-495 Capital Beltway and Greater Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

What is Chimney Repointing?

While brick and mortar are durable masonry materials, mortar is a softer compound making it more susceptible to moisture. It can cause the mortar to crack and crumble, making it appear as if it is being washed away, leaving gaps in the joints. In addition, the moisture intrusion can damage the bricks, causing them to spall and even fall off the chimney.

Chimney repointing is the process of removing the decaying mortar between the brickwork and filling the joints with a new, durable mortar compound to restore the chimney’s strength and stability.

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Chimney Tuckpointing & Repointing

Although they are often used interchangeably... chimney repointing and tuckpointing are similar but slightly different techniques. When a new chimney is built the fresh mortar can be "tuckpointed" to smooth out the mortar and finish off the look of the chimney.

Repointing is done when there is deterioration of existing mortar, the mortar joints are ground out to make space for new mortar. Then they are filled or tucked with new mortar material that is color-matched to blend with the rest of the chimney. It restores the chimney's strength and stability with a like-new appearance.

Chimney Rebuilding

However, tuckpointing and repointing are options if the bricks are in good condition. When the masonry damage is severe, extending beyond the decaying mortar joints, and the chimney's bricks are cracked, chipped, and crumbling, a partial or complete chimney rebuilding may be necessary.

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Spalling bricks can lead to a structural collapse that can also damage your roof and house. A partial chimney rebuild involves rebuilding the upper portion of the chimney, usually from the chimney crown down to the roofline. Otherwise, you are most likely looking at a complete chimney tear-down and rebuild from the roof or ground up.

Chimney Repointing in LeDroit Park, DC – Rosslyn – Rockville

Yes, we can restore your chimney’s cracked or missing mortar joints! Bethesda Chimney provides chimney brick repair services that will restore your masonry chimney and fireplace so that they will operate safely and efficiently and look great too. We serve residential, commercial, and government customers in Chevy Chase MD, Montgomery Village MD, Sterling VA, Silver Spring MD, Reston VA, Alexandria VA, Montgomery County, MD, Northern VA, and Washington DC. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule a chimney inspection today!

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