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Wood Fireplace Inserts

Is your house cold even though you’ve got a roaring fire in the fireplace? Is supplemental heating driving up your energy bills? While a traditional masonry fireplace gives your home a warm and inviting ambiance, it is not an efficient heating source.

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That's because most heat loss is through the chimney, which is why your home is drafty on a cold winter's day. Fortunately, Bethesda Chimney has the ideal solution for your home – install a wood-burning fireplace.

Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to let us help you select the correct type of wood-burning fireplace insert for your home and budget. We proudly serve the entire Washington DC Metro Area, including the District of Columbia, Montgomery County, MD, and also Northern VA.

Wood Burning Insert Vs. Traditional Fireplace

A wood-burning insert is a self-containing heating appliance that our CSIA certified technician installs directly into your fireplace opening, hence the term 'insert.' A wood-burning insert instantly upgrades your inefficient fireplace into an energy-efficient heat producer.

And here's the best part: installation doesn't require any masonry construction or chimney modifications. An optional fan blower radiates the heat throughout your living space, keeping your home warm and cozy. Some of our inserts feature a remote control, so you can easily adjust the temperature from your easy chair. Since you will rely less on costly supplemental heating, you will notice lower winter energy bills.


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The secret of the fireplace insert is its closed-combustion system contained in a steel or cast iron fireproof casing. Think of it like a fireplace-in-a-box. Since the combustion of wood occurs inside the insert, it burns hotter, resulting in a more complete, longer-lasting burn with less creosote and pollution.

Gas to Wood Conversion

A wood-burning insert is also a quick and economical solution for folks with a masonry gas fireplace who prefer an authentic wood fire experience. Our NFI Gas and CSIA certified fireplace technicians will take care of the conversion process, allowing you to enjoy a safe and reliable wood-burning fireplace. And if you change your mind in the future and want to return to gas, we can replace the wood-burning insert with a gas insert and reconnect the gas line.

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Energy Efficient, Lower Energy Costs

EPA-Certified wood burning inserts are also more energy-efficient than a traditional fireplace, resulting in significantly fewer emissions. They also produce the same level of heat using 30% less fuel. So, with an insert, your fireplace will consume less wood fuel to keep your home warmer.

Wood Is a Sustainable Fuel Source

Wood is a renewable, sustainable fuel source. The wood-burning process is also carbon-neutral, so you can enjoy an authentic wood fire's sights, sounds, and aroma without increasing your carbon footprint.

Wood Burning Insert Installation & Repair in Washington, DC

Bethesda Chimney is your best source for top-performing, energy-efficient wood-burning inserts for sale in the entire Washington DC Metro area. Our certified chimney technicians also provide inspections, maintenance, and repairs for residential, commercial, and government customers in Alexandria West, VA, Aspen Hill, DC, Downtown, DC, Fairmount Heights, MD, McLean, VA, Suitland-Silver Hill, MD, Montgomery County, MD, Northern VA, and the District of Columbia. Call 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule an appointment with a certified technician today!

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