Benefits Of Chimney Brick Staining

You may be wondering “what is brick staining?” Well, just as you may have to re-stain your wood decks every couple of seasons, the bricks on your fireplace may need attention as well. While many people leave their bricks as is, or opt for painting, there are a few reasons you may want to consider brick staining. Read on to learn about the benefits of brick staining on your chimney.


Chimney Brick Staining in  Silver Spring, MD5 Benefits of brick staining your chimney

1. It’s a one-time thing

Unlike that deck that needs frequent re-staining, your brick chimney won’t be like that. Luckily, this process will last the life of your chimney. When bricks are stained, it becomes a party of the brick. This means it won’t peel or chip like paint would. Additionally, stain isn’t subject to harsh weather conditions. As long as your brick stays intact, the stain will as well.

2. So many color options

Thinking about color options may be overwhelming, but it means you can add some originality to your home. It’s easy to think of staining as limited color-wise compared to paint, but there are actually many options to choose from. Staining also allows for the option of going for a semi-transparent look; you can choose from many different shades of a certain color.

3. Protect and seal your chimney

As mentioned, when you stain brick, it becomes a part of the brick. This means it’ll absorb the stain. On the other hand, paint is a layer overtop and may bubble or peal. Stain adds an extra level of protection rather than adding an added headache.

4. High end = high quality

There’s no getting around the fact that staining may be a bit pricier than paint. But, it’s a high-end addition to the chimney. Not only will it elevate the look of your home, it’ll also be a one-time investment. More affordable solutions may need re-applications, anyway, driving the overall cost higher.

How to stain your brick chimney

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While it may be tempting to try a DIY approach to staining your chimney, it may not be the safest choice. Since this requires ladders and skilled work, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Brick strainers will clean bricks, fix any missing or damaged grout, and spray or stain in even layers throughout. Consider hiring a professional to complete this job for you.

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