Preparing For Your Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

If you enjoy relaxing by your fire in the winter; spring and summer are excellent times to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. It is much more convenient to have any needed repairs done to a fireplace before the weather turns cold. You want to have your fireplace in good working order when the time comes to use it, not have to wait for it to be repaired and lose the additional heat it supplies. What can you do? Preparing for your chimney inspection and cleaning will make the whole process move faster.

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How to Prepare Your Chimney for Inspection and Cleaning

Remove Ash and Logs

Even if the ash in your fireplace isn't hot, it will still be an obstacle, as will any leftover logs. Be sure to clean ash and logs out of your fireplace prior to the chimney sweep's arrival.


Even if your pets are friendly, they can interfere with the inspection and cleaning processes. Put your pets in a room where they won't get in the chimney sweep's way.

Remove any Items from the Mantle and Firebox

Any pictures, figurines, antiques, or other items need to be removed before inspection and cleaning can take place.

Cover or Remove Your Furniture

To protect your furniture from any ash or soot that may escape, either cover them with heavy drop cloths or move them to another room. The chimney sweep will try not to dirty your furniture, but it occasionally occurs.

Make Sure There is Access to the Fireplace

Create a path to the fireplace from the driveway by moving furniture, exercise equipment, and electronics out of the way. This precaution also lessens the likelihood anything will be damaged. A chimney sweep has various tools they use in inspection and cleaning and will bring them in and out of your home so that a clear path will speed the entire process along.

Have Questions or Concerns Ready

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Before the inspection, inform the chimney sweep about any issues you may have noticed.

You should also have any questions prepared at that time. Writing down your questions and concerns means you won't forget them when the chimney sweep arrives at your home.


While your chimney sweep may be happy to have your children watch them as they perform an inspection or cleaning, but be sure they keep a safe distance. It is not that the tools being used are dangerous; it's that your children could get dirty and spread it across the house, and it would also take longer for the job to be completed. If possible, send your children to stay with a relative or neighbor while the inspection and cleaning processes take place.

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