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Bethesda Chimney is a locally owned and operated, fully certified chimney sweep company. We have earned an outstanding reputation for providing quality chimney cleaning, annual and storm inspections, masonry and individual brick repairs and replacement, flue relining, and outdoor living essentials.

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Our team of highly skilled and talented masons also build and repair patios, walkways, and retaining walls. We serve the entire Washington DC Metro Area, including Montgomery County, MD, Fairfax County, VA, and Washington, DC.

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Do you remember the last time you had a chimney sweep clean your chimney? Unfortunately, the Montgomery County Fire Department responds to several residential structure fires caused by a failure to sweep the chimney properly. An overwhelming majority of chimney fires are preventable with routine chimney sweeping. Creosote, a byproduct of combustion, turns into a slick or tarry charcoal-like material that is highly flammable. A spark from a hot ember can ignite a fire in the chimney that can spread to nearby combustible materials like your attic and roof, engulfing the entire house in less than three minutes. Also, small animals that build nests in the chimney are combustible. When you hire Bethesda Chimney to sweep your Rockville, MD chimney, a Certified Chimney Professional® thoroughly cleans the entire chimney system removing flammable creosote, soot, pests, and debris that can damage the interior masonry, flue liner, and other components.

Real Estate Chimney Inspections & More

If it has been more than 12 months since your last chimney inspection, you should give us a call to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and national fire safety experts encourage all homeowners in the Rockville, MD, and the Greater Washington DC area with solid or fossil fuel heating appliances to have annual inspections for the following reasons:

Rockville, MD fireplace inspection

  • Look for masonry cracks, spalling, loose, or missing bricks, and gaps in the mortar joints that can lead to water and structural damage.
  • Inspect the flue liner for damages that increase the fire risk and exposure to harmful contaminants, including carbon monoxide.
  • Ensure the chimney, flue, vents, and attached heating appliances are not a fire or health hazard for family & pets.
  • To verify there is sufficient clearance from combustible materials.
  • Ensure the chimney cap is secure and there are no flue obstructions.
  • To assess the overall condition and structural soundness of the chimney.

Call Bethesda Chimney to schedule your CSIA certified chimney inspection in Rockville, MD, or anywhere in the Washington DC metropolitan & northeast Virginia areas.

Brick & Masonry Repair

Have you noticed white stains on your chimney? Are there cracked, loose, or missing bricks or mortar? These are signs of masonry deterioration that require expert brick and masonry repair. However, when caught in its early stages, we can remove the decaying mortar and fill the joints with new mortar material. It’s a technique known as chimney repointing, which saves the expense of a much more extensive partial or complete chimney rebuild.

chimney chase cover install in Rockville MDRockville, MD Chimney Repairs

Whether you have a traditional masonry or a factory-built chimney, it will need some repairs from time to time. Making timely repairs is essential for preventing moisture intrusion, structural problems, and other issues. It will also prolong the lifespan of the chimney and its components. Our chimney technicians and masonry specialists are certified to perform all chimney repairs, such as:

  • Masonry repair
  • Custom chimney caps
  • Chimney crown repair
  • Individual brick repair and replacement
  • Chimney relining
  • Damper repair and replacement
  • Firebox repair
  • Flashing repair and coating
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Chimney water repellant sealant

Chimney Relining

A chimney liner is the flue protecting the masonry so intense heat and flames in the fireplace don’t spread to combustible building materials in your home. It also helps improve heating efficiency and minimize soot and creosote buildup as the smoke and fumes vent out the top of the stack.

Unfortunately, many chimneys in Rockville, MD, still have the deteriorating original clay tile liner which often have gaps, cracks and missing mortar between the 2 ft sections. We usually recommend flexible, UL-listed stainless-steel liners when it’s time to reline the chimney. It increases heating efficiency, reduces heating costs, is more durable, and is easier to maintain. More importantly, it reduces the fire risk and exposure to toxic carbon monoxide fumes.

patio design and paver installation in Rockville MDPatio Construction

Using premium stone and concrete materials, like flagstone, brick pavers, and concrete, we repair and build stunning patios, walkways, and retaining walls that will give your home the stylish appearance you desire.

Outdoor Fireplaces For Outdoor Living

Bethesda Chimney brings outdoor living to life, so you can relax and entertain family and friends beside the warmth of an outdoor hearth, heating stove, firepit, or other decorative outdoor fire feature all year long.

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If you reside in Bethesda, MD, Gaithersburg, MD, Garrett Park, MD, North Potomac, Rockville, MD, or anywhere in Montgomery County, MD, Fairfax County, VA, and the Greater Washington DC area, call the Certified Chimney Professionals at Bethesda Chimney for honest and professional chimney cleaning, inspections, crown repair, relining, masonry repair, and outdoor living appliances at reasonable prices. Contact us today at 301-969-4444 or 703-935-4444 to schedule an appointment or estimate. You can also request a service call online.

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