Why Now Is The Best Time For Chimney Repairs

Spring and summer are not usually associated with a roaring fire and puffs of smoke emerging from your chimney, and that is exactly why now is the best time for masonry repairs. Your masonry fireplace and chimney may have issues that you aren't aware of and should be checked right now by a professional chimney sweep; not convinced? Let's investigate further.

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A Few Reasons Why Spring and Summer Are Best for Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

Weather Conditions

The weather in spring and summer is generally milder, drier, and warmer. The weather is important as mortar, a key material used in masonry repairs such as tuckpointing, requires dry conditions to cure. If the weather is either too cold or too wet, it can negatively impact the setting process, leading to weak or brittle joints, which can lead to water damage or loose bricks.

Inspection is Easier

Spring is an excellent time for an annual chimney inspection because it comes right after the winter when your chimney probably saw the most use.

Any wear and tear or damage due to increased usage or harsh winter conditions can be identified and addressed. Summer has the same advantages, but it is always best to find issues with a chimney or fireplace before they become worse.

Ease of Scheduling

This point is elementary. Because of the weather, masonry professionals are less busy in the spring and summer. The balmy conditions can make scheduling the work more convenient for you. No waiting two weeks in the cold to have your chimney or fireplace fixed.


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Performing repairs in spring or summer can be safer for the chimney sweeps involved, and they're less likely to have to slide off the roof due to icy conditions, high winds, or cold temperatures that can make working at heights more dangerous than it already is.


Preparation for the Upcoming Cold Season

Carrying out repairs in the spring and summer months means your chimney will be in top condition for when you need it most – in the deep dark gray winter months. This proactive approach ensures you aren't caught off guard by a malfunctioning chimney when temperatures drop. If there is a blackout and you have no additional heat sources having a damaged fireplace can be dangerous. It's vital you have a working fireplace during the freezing winters in the Capitol area to avoid such hazardous scenarios.

Better Ventilation for Indoor Work

If indoor work or clean-up needs to be done by the chimney sweeps, it can be more comfortable and safer for them when windows or doors can be left open for ventilation, which isn't always feasible during colder months. Be sure to move furniture and clear the mantle before the chimney sweeps start their inspection to prevent any damage.

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