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Chimney Relining in Tysons Corner VA

If your Tysons Corner VA home and fireplace were built over 15 years ago, it is likely that its chimney liner has reached or exceeded its useful lifespan and needs relining. In addition, some older and historic homes or buildings may have an unlined chimney because they were constructed long before today's building and fire safety codes were written. These older liners, especially if it is Vitreous fire or clay, may have cracks or missing tiles, which poses a significant fire, health, and safety risk to your home and family.

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Centered near Tysons Corner, VA, Bethesda Chimney is your best choice for top-quality Chimney Relining, Chimney Sweep Services, Chimney Repairs, Fireplace, gas log set Installations, and more for residential, commercial, and government buildings in the Fairfax County VA area.

Chimney Relining in Tysons Corner VARelining Your Chimney Can Prevent a Fire

A chimney liner gives your flue an additional layer of protection so that a chimney fire doesn't spread to combustible materials like the attic, roof, walls, and ceiling. So, what else does a chimney liner do?

  • It improves indoor air quality, preventing exposure to toxic carbon monoxide fumes.
  • It improves heating efficiency, keeps fireplace heat inside the flue, and reduces energy costs.
  • It protects interior masonry walls from the intense heat of a gas or wood-burning fire.

Common Types of Liners

Clay Tile:

Clay tile is the most common chimney liner in homes throughout the NE VA area due to its low cost. Although a clay tile liner has a lower initial price tag, its porous tiles are vulnerable to the damaging effects of moisture, corrosive gases, and creosote deposits. Thus, they typically require more frequent repairs than other liners.


Metal, especially UL-Listed stainless-steel liners, are becoming the new de facto standard for chimney liners in Virginia and around the country. The increase in popularity is due to their natural resistance to water, bacteria, corrosion, and pests. They also retain more heat, thus, improving heating efficiency. A stainless-steel liner also requires little maintenance, is easy to install, and is highly durable. For these reasons, Bethesda Chimney typically recommends stainless steel when relining chimneys.


A cast-in-place liner is durable but among the most expensive to install. It is a mixture of a refractory cement compound poured directly into the flue, hardening into a smooth, fire-resistant surface. However, cement is a porous material that is prone to cracking, corrosion, and water damage.

Chimney Liner Inspections in Merrifield, VA

Chimney Inspection

Do you know whether your chimney, fireplace, and other heating appliances are not a fire or health hazard? There is only one way to find out, and that's with a professional chimney inspection. Unfortunately, not all homeowners have their chimneys inspected as often as they should. As a result, spalling brick from the continuous freeze-thaw cycle, followed by frequent rain and humid summers, can severely damage the masonry chimney over time.

CSIA-Certified for all three NFPA inspections, Bethesda Chimney is helping homeowners in Tysons Corner, VA, and nearby towns minimize future repairs, avoiding a costlier chimney rebuild.

Custom Chimney Cap

Rain, animals, and debris will easily access your chimney and home without a properly fitted cap. In addition, its location at the top of the chimney makes it difficult for folks to know that the chimney cap is loose, damaged, or non-existent.

We fabricate custom chimney caps in our Bethesda Chimney shop. We measure to fit the precise dimensions of your chimney, protecting the crown surface as well. Its durability will withstand seasonal weather changes, but more importantly, it will help protect your chimney from water damage and dangerous flue obstructions. It features a durable wire mesh screen to keep pesky critters out of the flue, while a spark arrestor keeps hot embers off the roof. Its beautiful hip and ridge style design will also enhance your chimney's appearance.

5 Warning Signs Your Chimney Needs Relining In Tysons Corner VA

So, how can you tell if you need to reline your chimney? Well, the only way to know is to have a chimney inspection. But here are five warnings that indicate your liner needs attention:

  1. You find clay fragments in the firebox.
  2. Moisture or condensation in the flue.
  3. You have difficulty lighting or maintaining a fire.
  4. Your fireplace fills with smoke.
  5. Your fireplace has an asphalt or campfire odor.

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