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We Fix Leaky Chimneys in Tysons Corner VA

The recent winter storms affecting Arlington, VA, Fairfax, VA, and other communities will undoubtedly result in many leaky chimneys in the Tysons Corner VA area. During the freeze-thaw cycle, as the temperature falls and rises above the freezing mark, it can cause brick and mortar to crack, crumble, and spall, leaving gaps in the joints. Water that seeps through these tiny crevices can cause extensive damage to your chimney.

leaking chimney repair in Tysons Corner VA

Centered near Tysons Corner, VA, Bethesda Chimney is your best choice for fast and reliable Chimney Leak Repairs, Inspections and Cleaning, Rebuilding and Restoration, Fireplace and Stove installations, and more for residential, commercial, and government buildings in Fairfax County VA.

What Causes Leaky Chimneys?

The chimney's age and normal wear and tear will cause the masonry and manufactured chimneys to deteriorate naturally over time. However, failure to properly maintain the chimney with regular inspections, sweeping and repairs are also common reasons for a chimney leak.

Now, let's examine some of the areas where chimney leak is likely to occur:

Gaps in the Mortar Joints

As previously mentioned, winter conditions, including freezing rain, snow, and ice, are detrimental to masonry. The mortar joints are most vulnerable as it is a softer compound and will appear to wash away in heavy precipitation conditions. Gaps in the mortar joints and missing bricks can also result in a structural collapse without professional masonry repair.

Gaps in Mortar and Missing Brick Repair in Tysons Corner VA

Flashing is Leaking

Another common area where a leaky chimney is likely to occur is the chimney flashing. The sheet metal seals the seam between the chimney and roofline to prevent water and debris from getting inside the stack. However, it must also be installed properly to prevent premature failure, another cause of water leaks. So, if you notice water stains or softening on the ceiling and walls near the fireplace, your flashing may need repair or replacement.

Damaged chimney Crown and in Tysons Corner VA

Damaged Chimney Cap/Chase Top

Snow accumulating on the stack can damage the cap or chase top, and rain or snow will leak inside the firebox. You will also notice a cold draft on windy days.

Cracks in the Chimney Crown

Another common source of leaky chimneys in Tysons Corner VA is cracking in the chimney crown. Severe snowstorms, frequent rain, and lightning strikes can cause cracks in the chimney crown.

Foundation settling, a normal occurrence in aging homes, also results in hairline fractures in the crown. These types of water leaks are difficult to diagnose without a chimney inspection.

Chimney leaks can occur at any time, so be on the lookout for these common signs of a leaky chimney:

5 Common Signs of a Leaky Chimney:

  • You hear the sounds of dripping water
  • Water is dripping inside your fireplace
  • There is a puddle on the firebox floor
  • Mortar decay/loose or missing bricks
  • Water stains or soft spots on the walls or ceiling near the fireplace

If you are experiencing any of the common signs listed above, call Bethesda Chimney as soon as possible. We’ll perform a certified chimney inspection to locate and repair the water leak. It will help you avoid more extensive damage and costlier repairs.

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