Chimney Repairs in Tysons Corner VA | Chimney Crown, Cap, Flashing, and Other Brick Repairs

Chimney Repairs in the Tysons Corner VA area

At Bethesda Chimney, we have a passion for excellence. Our highly skilled chimney professionals provide a full range of repairs for masonry and manufactured fireplaces of the highest quality, including inspections, sweeping, sales, and installations.

Fairfax County VA professional chimney repair

Centered near Tysons Corner, VA, Bethesda Chimney is your best choice for top-quality Chimney Repairs, Fireplace Installations, Chimney Sweep Services, Chimney Rebuilding, and more for residential, commercial, and government buildings in communities throughout Fairfax County VA.

Chimney Repairs in Fairfax County VA

Whether your chimney needs an individual brick or stone replacement, repointing, or complete rebuilding, our highly skilled and certified chimney professionals do it all. No job is too big or too small. Some of the common repairs we tackle every day for neighbors as you include:

Chimney Cap Repair, Replacement, and Installation

When your flue is exposed to the outside world, precipitation will leak inside, damaging the interior masonry and firebox. It is also an open invitation for snakes, squirrels, bats, and other unwanted guests living in the chimney. It can also be dangerous when a flue obstruction causes a backdraft that blows smoke and exhaust into your beautiful living room.

For ultimate all-season weather protection, we highly recommend our exclusive custom full-width chimney caps designed to protect your crown and flue from moisture, pests, and debris.

Chimney Crown Repairs in Tysons Corner VA

Chimney Chase Top Repair/Installation

A manufactured fireplace should have a chase top so that rain, snow, and debris don’t get inside, leading to more frequent repairs and premature replacement. When your chimney chase top, also referred to as a chase cover or top pan, is rusting, corroding, or has damage, a repair or replacement is an affordable solution for protecting your appliance investment.

Chimney Crown Repairs

The cement surface topping the surrounding exposed flue pipe is the chimney crown. Since this porous area is softer than brick, it is more vulnerable to cracking. During routine inspections, we often find surface cracks on the crown from frequent rain or snow accumulation, settling, or improper repair. Our masonry professionals will inspect the crown and apply a water-resistant sealant or rebuild the crown, protecting the interior masonry and components from water damage.

Flashing Repairs

Damaged chimney flashing, often mistaken for a roof leak, is a problem for many Northeast VA homeowners. Heavy rain, ice, snow accumulation, and humidity can weaken the flashing. When this occurs, water leaks through the gaps. Water stains on the ceiling and walls near the chimney are signs of flashing damage. Depending on the damage, our chimney professionals will recommend resealing or replacing it with high-grade stainless steel for maximum water protection.

Fireplace Damper Repair & Installation

Your fireplace damper must operate smoothly for a sufficient draft. A damper that isn't working correctly increases the risk of fire and toxic carbon monoxide gas exposure.

When a traditional throat damper has damage beyond repair, we often recommend installing a top-sealing damper. It is easier to operate, more energy-efficient, and seals the entire flue, not just the firebox.

Partial and Complete Chimney Rebuilding

Sometimes the masonry damage is so severe that the safest and most cost-effective option is either a partial or complete chimney rebuild. Failure to do so promptly can result in a structural collapse that results in extensive property damage to your home.

Top Mount Damper Installation and Repairs in Tysons Corner VA

Certified Chimney Repairs in Tysons Corner VA

Licensed chimney sweep in Fairfax County VA

Bethesda Chimney is your hometown certified professional for outstanding chimney repairs, rebuilding, and expert restoration services for masonry and manufactured fireplaces in Falls Church, VA, Fairfax, VA, Tysons Corner, VA, Arlington, VA, Odricks Corner, VA, and surrounding Fairfax County communities.

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