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Whether your chimney has a cap or a cover, its primary purpose is to prevent precipitation, pests, and debris from getting into the flue, damaging the interior walls, liner, and components. Upon chimney inspection or cleaning in Arlington and the surrounding Fairfax Counties, we often notice that the cap or flue cover has damage and needs repair or replacement. A leaky chimney can cause severe damage to the interior walls, flue liner, and firebox. This is why annual chimney inspections are vital to maintaining your chimney and your family's health.

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Centered near Tysons Corner, VA, Bethesda Chimney is Fairfax County's best choice for top-quality Chimney Caps & Covers, Chimney Sweep Services, Chimney Repairs, Fireplace & Stove Installations, and more for residential, commercial, and government buildings.

Custom Chimney Cap Installations in Tysons Corner VAWhy A Custom Cap Is a Better Fit for Chimneys in Tysons Corner VA

It's not even Christmas yet, and wind chill advisories are already in effect throughout Fairfax County VA. With snow and below-freezing temperatures, warming shelters are opening across the state. Also, freezing rain, snow, and ice are challenging for humans and chimneys.

After inspecting and cleaning thousands of chimneys across the region, we quickly realized that a standard chimney cap or flue cover doesn’t adequately protect your chimney in challenging weather conditions.

That's why Bethesda Chimney decided to fabricate a strong, long-lasting full-width chimney cap for our customers. It's the type of cap we install to protect our chimney, flue, and fireplace. We custom fabricate in-house using high-grade steel to the precise dimensions of your chimney.

In addition to keeping water at bay, its strong mesh screen will prevent neighborhood critters and blowing debris from getting inside, where it can obstruct the flue vent and damage the masonry. Its beautiful hip and ridge design will look great on top of any chimney.

Chimney Inspections of the cap and crown in Tysons Corner VA

Chimney Inspection

Do you know whether your chimney, fireplace, and other heating appliances are not a fire or health hazard? There is only one way to find out, and that's with a professional chimney inspection. Unfortunately, not all homeowners have their chimneys inspected as often as they should.

As a result, spalling brick from the continuous freeze-thaw cycle, followed by frequent rain and humid summers, can severely damage the masonry chimney over time.

CSIA-Certified for all three NFPA inspections, Bethesda Chimney is helping homeowners in Tysons Corner, VA, and nearby towns minimize future repairs, avoiding a costlier chimney rebuild.

Custom Chimney Cap

Rain, animals, and debris will easily access your chimney and home without a properly fitted cap. In addition, its location at the top of the chimney makes it difficult for folks to know that the chimney cap is loose, damaged, or non-existent.

We fabricate custom chimney caps in our Bethesda Chimney shop. We measure to fit the precise dimensions of your chimney, protecting the crown surface as well. Its durability will withstand seasonal weather changes, but more importantly, it will help protect your chimney from water damage and dangerous flue obstructions. It features a durable wire mesh screen to keep pesky critters out of the flue, while a spark arrestor keeps hot embers off the roof. Its beautiful hip and ridge style design will also enhance your chimney's appearance.

Helps Prevent Water Damage

Bethesda Chimney’s custom full-width chimney cap protects the flue from moisture intrusion and covers the crown too!

Customized For Your Chimney & Flue

Our custom caps are measured to fit your specific chimney and flue. It's fabricated locally in-house and installed by our certified professionals. The 8" to 9" drip edge is nearly three times the size of a standard cap.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Chimney

Our custom caps are a multi-functional device that: (a) protects the exposed flue vent, (b) prevents moisture intrusion, and (c) protects the porous cement crown surface. In addition, it extends the lifespan of your chimney, flue liner, and internal components with unmatched quality, durability, and leak protection.

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