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Chimney Service in Washington, DC

We care for your chimney and fireplace as we would in our home. Bethesda Chimney of DC provides expert chimney and fireplace services in Greater Washington DC. Some of our many services include chimney inspection, chimney cleaning and fireplace sales, installation, and repair.

Chimney and Fireplace Services in Washington, DC
We serve with distinction residential, commercial, and government customers in Arlington, VA; McLean, VA; Somerset, MD; Silver Spring, MD; Georgetown, DC; Penn Quarter, DC; and the entire DC Capital area.

Chimney Cleaning

With the long, bitterly cold winters we experience in Bethesda, MD, and around the DC area, many folks use their wood-burning fireplaces and stoves daily.

However, without regular chimney sweeping and professional cleaning, the accumulation of creosote deposits in the flue increases the chance of a fire and exposure to poisonous carbon monoxide fumes. Also, small birds like blue jays, cardinals, and other wildlife such as bats, squirrels, and raccoons are commonly found in chimneys during the winter.

The leave, twigs, and debris that blow across the roof can block the flue vent, causing smoke, soot, and other harmful contaminants to fill the air in your living room.

Chimney Sweeping in Washington DC

Our Certified Chimney Professionals® have the professional tools, equipment, and supplies, to thoroughly clean your chimney and remove any animals in the chimney too.

Chimney Inspection

Is your chimney, fireplace, or heating stove structurally sound and safe to operate this winter? There is only one way to know for sure, and that is with a chimney inspection conducted by a Certified Chimney Sweep®. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local fire safety experts encourage homeowners with wood or fossil fuel heating appliances to have an annual chimney inspection, even if they no longer use the heating appliance. Bethesda Chimney is CSIA certified for all three inspection levels throughout the Greater Washington DC Metro area.

Professional Chimney Repairs in Washington DC

Chimney Repairs

Bethesda Chimney of DC has built a reputation for providing the best possible chimney repairs in the DC Capital area. We can fix any chimney problem, but some of the common repairs we perform include the following:

  • Chimney liner repair or replacement
  • Chimney chase top installation
  • Chimney cap replacement
  • Chimney flashing repair
  • Fireplace damper repair
  • Chimney Crown sealing and rebuilding
  • Individual brick replacement
  • Tuckpointing/Repointing

Custom Chimney Cap

Your chimney should have a cap to prevent rain, snow, wind, pests, and debris from water damage and flue obstructions. Unfortunately, we have noticed that many vents in the DC area have a basic flue or chimney cap; some are even damaged or missing entirely! Bethesda Chimney of DC custom manufactures full-width chimney caps that offer enhanced protection than a standard flue cap, or off-the-shelf chimney cap doesn't provide. Measured precisely to fit the entire width of your chimney, our beautiful hip and ridge style cap will help prevent water damage to your flue, crown, and exterior sides. It also includes a substantial mesh wire screen for keeping out curious wildlife and debris.

Chimney Rebuilding

When a masonry chimney suffers significant damage, it may need partial rebuilding to save the structure or complete rebuilding to prevent a collapse that can damage your home.

Our skilled masons are experts in partial and complete chimney rebuilding so you can enjoy your fireplace or heating stove in the winter and all year.

Chimney Rebuilding in Washington, DC

Certified Chimney & Fireplace Services in Washington, DC

Licensed chimney sweep in Washington D.C

Bethesda Chimney is your hometown provider of certified chimney sweep services, fireplace installations, repairs, and more for residential, commercial, and government buildings in Palisades, Mount Vernon Square, District of Columbia, Brightwood, Silver Spring, MD, Noma, DC, Tenleytown, DC, and surrounding communities in the Montgomery County, MD, Washington DC, and Northern VA areas.

Call 202-217-1767 to schedule an appointment with our chimney sweeps or estimate. Ask us about our Dry Vent Cleaning service.

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