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Chimney Relining in Washington, DC

Most chimneys in the Washington DC area, especially older and historic buildings, still have their original Vitreous fire or clay tile liner. Although current building and safety codes require a chimney liner, some homes still have an unlined chimney built long before these ordinances existed. Once chimney liners exceed their expected lifespan, they begin to crack, burst, and decay, increasing the risk of fire and exposure to poisonous gases in your home or building.

Chimney lining and relining in Washington, DC

Our award-winning CSIA/NFI Gas-certified chimney professionals are known for providing top-quality chimney relining for new, old, and historic residential, commercial, and government buildings. We serve Bethesda, MD, Takoma, DC, Somerset, MD, Tenleytown, DC, Washington, DC, Edgewood, DC, Michigan Park, DC, and surrounding communities in the DC Capital area.

A Chimney Liner Is Vital for Fire Prevention in the District of Columbia

So, why is a chimney liner so vital? There are three equally important reasons:

  • To contain heat from your heating appliance, allowing harmful gases and contaminants to be expelled from your home or building.
  • To prevent the intense heat inside the flue from igniting combustible materials like the roof, attic, or wood-framed chase.
  • To insulate the flue, improving heating efficiency while protecting the surrounding masonry.

What Type of  Liner Is in Your Flue?

Your chimney likely has one of the following three types of liners:

Chimney Liner Installation in Washington DC

Clay Tile:

Due to their inexpensive cost and heat tolerance, clay tile liners are the most popular in the DC area. However, the porous tiles require frequent repair from moisture, creosote buildup, and corrosive combustion gases.


A cast-in-place liner uses a cement-based, refractory material that is poured into the flue. It hardens into a smooth, durable surface. However, it has a high installation price tag.


Metal liners, especially stainless steel, are growing in popularity for their moisture, corrosion, and pest-resistant qualities. Its low maintenance, longevity, and straightforward installation make it a more affordable overall investment. It is also why Bethesda Chimney of DC often recommends stainless steel liners to customers relining chimneys.

Professional Chimney Relining in Washington DC

Signs Your Chimney Needs Relining

Regardless of which type of liner is installed, your chimney flue will eventually need relining.

So, if you spot one or more of the following signs, your chimney may need relining:

  • Your fireplace is filling with smoke.
  • There are bits of clay in the firebox.
  • You have difficulty lighting a fire in the fireplace.
  • The fire burns out quickly.
  • More sooty deposits from incomplete combustion.
  • Your fireplace smells like a campfire.
  • There is moisture or condensation in the flue.

How to Tell If Your Chimney Needs Relining

You will need to schedule a chimney inspection to determine whether your chimney needs relining or repair. While a level 1 basic visual inspection will reveal if there is severe damage, there may be tiny cracks not readily visible, indicating that the liner is beginning to fail. That's why we recommend a level 2 inspection. Our Certified Chimney Sweep® inserts a special video camera into the flue to reveal cracking or other signs of liner damage not apparent during a routine visual inspection. We encourage customers to watch the scanning progress in real-time on the video screen with their technician.

Chimney Liner Installation & Relining in the DC Area

damaged chimney liner in Washington D.C

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