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Custom Chimney Caps in Washington, DC

Many chimneys in Montgomery County, MD, and the DC area have a standard flue cover. While it does a decent job of keeping rain and snow out of the flue, it doesn't protect the crown from water damage. Even hairline cracks in the chimney crown allow rain and snow to leak inside the chimney, which can cause extensive damage before the chimney leak is discovered.

Custom Chimney Cap Installation in Washington, DC

Bethesda Chimney of DC has a better solution. Using high-quality materials, we fabricate custom chimney caps locally in our Bethesda, MD, facility. It is designed to cover the entire chimney crown surface, protecting it against the damaging effects of moisture, humidity, and other environmental conditions.

We install, repair, and replace custom chimney caps for residential, commercial, and government buildings in the Greater Washington DC area, including Woodridge, DC, Silver Spring, MD, Martin's Additions, MD, Foxhole Crescent, DC, Takoma, DC, and Congress Heights, DC.

Why Install a Custom Chimney Cap in the Washington D.C Area

Washington, DC, and its vicinity has nearly 120 days of precipitation, averaging over 40 inches annually. In addition, we experience below-freezing temperatures for almost two months of the year.

This amount of rain, snow, and ice can gradually cause considerable damage to an exposed porous chimney crown surface. When the crown is damaged, moisture seeps inside the chimney, deteriorating the flue liner, masonry, and other components.

Our custom full-width chimney cap is custom-engineered to fit the precise dimension to cover the entire width of the chimney, minimizing chimney repairs and rebuilding.

Full Width Custom Chimney Caps in Washington DC

It's beautiful hip and ridge design will also enhance the appearance of your chimney. Plus, it has a durable wire mesh screen to keep out raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife with razor-sharp teeth.

Prevents Moisture Intrusion

Only a full-width chimney cap will protect the flue and crown from moisture intrusion, extending the lifespan of the chimney, flue liner, damper, and other essential components.

Custom Chimney Cap Installation in Washington DC

Customized For Your Chimney

Our CSIA certified chimney sweep will measure your chimney. Then we custom-build the cap to fit its precise dimensions of your DC area chimney, covering the entire width with an 8” to 9” drip edge.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Chimney

Other custom chimney caps are manufactured with a standard 3-inch drip edge.

However, gusty winds associated with snowstorms and thunderstorms are strong enough to damage a traditional custom chimney cap, which can also result in a leaky chimney.

Our 8" to 9” drip edge is nearly three times larger than a regular custom chimney cap. Thus, providing unsurpassed masonry protection in all weather conditions.

Where to Buy Custom Chimney Caps in Washington DC

chimney repair in Washington D.C

Our award-winning certified chimney repair professionals fabricate superior custom chimney caps in our Bethesda, MD, facility. They are custom-engineered for a precise fit to cover the entire width of the chimney. We install, repair, and replace custom chimney caps for residential, commercial, and government buildings in McLean, VA, Bethesda, MD, Congress Heights, DC, Noma, DC, District of Columbia, Brightwood, DC, Martin's Additions, MD, and nearby communities in Montgomery County, MD, Northern VA, and the DC Capital area.

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