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Leaky Chimney Repair in Washington, DC

A leaky chimney is one of the most common problems we repair in the DC area. Unfortunately, many homeowners only realize a leak exists once they notice water damage and call us to schedule a chimney inspection as soon as possible to locate and fix the leak. It's another reason annual chimney inspections are essential for keeping your home and family safe.

Leaky Chimney repair in Washington DC

Our certified professionals fix leaky chimneys once and for all for residential, commercial, and government customers in Penn Quarter, DC, Brightwood, DC, Martin's Additions, MD, Chevy Chase, MD, Mount Vernon Square, DC, 16th Street Heights, DC, Foxhole Crescent, DC and throughout the DC area.

Leaky Chimney Repair in Washington DCWhat Causes a Leaky Chimney?

There are many reasons why water is leaking in your chimney. It’s age, normal wear and tear, storm damage, improper repairs, and neglect are some of the common causes.

In addition, if you live in an older or historic home in the District of Columbia, foundation settling can cause cracks in the stack where precipitation can get inside. So, how do you know if you have a leaky chimney?

Common Signs of a Chimney Leal:

• It’s raining or snowing inside your fireplace
• Puddles in the firebox
• Exterior masonry surface stains
• Sounds of dripping water
• Spalling brick
• Disappearing mortar
• Water stains on the ceiling or walls around the fireplace or stove

However, in most cases, a certified chimney inspection is the only way to detect if a chimney leak exists. For this reason, Bethesda Chimney of DC typically recommends customers have annual inspections. Some of the common entry points for leaky chimneys include:

Chimney Crown Repair in Washington DC

Missing or Damaged Chimney Cap/Chase Top

A missing or damaged chimney cap or chase top is the most common reason for a chimney leak. When this happens, precipitation will drip inside the fireplace.

Cracks in the Chimney Crown

The porous cement chimney crown surface is often damaged by frequent heavy rain, snow accumulation, ice, settling, and even a lightning strike. Even hairline cracks allow moisture to leak between the interior walls and the flue pipe, that can result in extensive water damage without immediate repair.

Damaged Bricks/Mortar

The constant subfreezing and above-freezing temperatures typical during DC area winter cause mortar decay that leads to cracked, crumbling, and spalling brick. It can ultimately result in a partial or complete structural collapse.

Leaky Flashing

The metal flashing that forms a water-tight seal between the chimney and roof is another area where chimney leaks commonly occur. However, by the time you notice the water stains on the ceiling or walls, it may have also caused damage to your attic, roof deck, and wood-framed chase.

We Repair Leaking Chimneys in the Washington DC Area

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Bethesda Chimney of DC is your hometown professional for repairing leaky chimneys in Bloomingdale, DC, Woodridge, DC, Friendship Heights, DC, Silver Spring, MD, Brightwood, DC, Foxhole Crescent, DC, and nearby communities in Montgomery County, MD, Northern VA, and the DC Capital area.

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